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projectMUSIC™ is a unique, one-of-a-kind benefit concert where we take one night, make some music and send 40 kids to overnight camp.

The ideas behind projectMUSIC™ are simple:

• Make it Important: Our focus is doing something amazing for the 40 abused and neglected children who live at the LYDIA group home in Chicago - in one night we raise enough to send each child to overnight camp (perspective: most of these kids have never been on a family vacation or left the city in their life)

• Make it Tangible: 100% of the contributions help fund a child from LYDIA to attend overnight camp (simple: for every two tickets sold, one child goes to camp)

• Make it Cool: As a thank you for helping, guests experienced an intimate performance by Spirit Family Reunion in an incredible eclectic setting (note: this was our 5th year and every year everyone has been blown away by the music)

• Make it Happen: At the end of the night, we raised enough money to send every kid to overnight camp - every kid (yep: every kid, every year)

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