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Majestic Memorials

Since it’s a part of life, we must all go through it. We lose a loved one and then have to make the agonizing next steps. Those include how to lay our loved one to rest and where to have a memorial service. How do I honor them with justice and integrity? Is there any choice but to go to the local funeral home or the one my family has always used?
Our space, your tribute.

Catalyst Ranch has been quietly hosting memorial services since its inception. The time has come to get loud. To let everyone know, innovation is here and to change the way these services are typically held. Memorial services should vary in style, tone, and content just as widely as the unique personalities of the individuals being remembered. Let’s celebrate the life lived, the cherished moments, the memories. Let’s do it in a way that illustrates our loved one's life in color, with flair, in a style that is reflective of the life they lived.

Since the options for an innovative memorial service can be nearly limitless, it can be daunting to plan and pull off a memorial. We’re here to help. We’ve gathered an array of ideas in order to be of assistance to you in planning the perfect life celebration, funeral, or memorial service including awesome activities for kids, advanced technology for music and video and catering options that are delicious and easy to choose from. Just call us and we’ll gladly walk you through it.

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I can't thank Arin and her team at Catalyst Ranch enough for the exceptional service. We had some complex needs that shifted countless times, and she handled it all with grace. The space was amazing, the 
food was delicious, and everyone we encountered helped us with a smile on 
their face. Thanks again for taking such great care of us. 



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