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“Don’t Call Me Joe”

The Off-Air Event Series extends your WBEZ listening experience to nights on the town – come see what you’ve been hearing and celebrate Chicago!

The largest ‘traditional coffee cupping’ ever held in Chicago took place on April 9, 2011 at Catalyst Ranch! Facilitated by the amazing team of buyers, tasters and trainers from Intelligentsia Coffee, it was an exclusive chance to participate in a new culinary conversation and learn just how little most people know about tasting and brewing beautiful coffee.

Cupping is the industry standardized way of critically evaluating coffee; it is how Intelligentsia selects green coffee and is an integral part of their Direct Trade buying model. The event gave everyone who attended an opportunity to learn about tasting terminology, coffee processing, and history, while cupping with some of Chicago’s most experienced staff: Baristas, Roasters, Green Coffee Buyers, and members of the Intelligentsia Quality Control team.

And in an effort to fully utilize all the senses and ensure full immersion in this new culinary realm Stop Smiling Books arranged for 'Readings on Coffee' from participating authors including Kyle Beachy, Paul Durica, Fred Sasaki, Gretchen Kalwinski, Mairead Case and Sam Weller.

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