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What is a Craft Social?

This fun-filled event was a chance to craft and meet amazing people. There were over 15 different projects in every genre of craft from paper crafting to ceramics staffed by professional crafters, every day crafters and craft businesses. Craft Social was an opportunity to learn a new craft, meet like-minded crafters and hang out with friends for the night and make cool stuff. At the event, each guest decided which to projects they wanted to make and then sat at a table and created. All supplies were provided so that you could go home with finished projects and some new skills.

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Project Leader: Pye Squire of Cutting Art
Crafters were given a template image to work from or they brought in their own photos. Westcott provided all the crafters with a fancy cutting tool in their goodie bags.

Project leader: PinBackAttack

Vintage children’s books, star charts, postcards and patterned papers were provided for crafters to create their own 1” buttons using PinBackAttack’s button maker.

Project Leader: Florence of ReMix Boutique
Crafters brought in cereal boxes and created their own gift boxes.

Project leader: Plaid

Using chalkboard paint and the industrial strength adhesive E-6000, crafters made chalkboard cork magnets. Some also made fabric covered magnets.

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Project Leader: Blue Buddha Boutique

Crafters created chainmail earrings. They were taught the correct way to hold the pliers and were able to use their own color combinations.

Project Leader: Kate
Crafters selected three different colored t-shirts and cut loops around the body of the shirt. After stretching the loops, they were tied together to form one long scarf resembling a chain.




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