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Meet the Special Events Team

The Special Events Team at Catalyst Ranch consists of two seasoned event professionals who have years of experience with a huge variety of events -- fundraisers, wedding ceremonies and receptions, baby showers, private corporate dinners, Bar & Bat Mitzvah receptions, pop-up dinners, you name it! We roll up our sleeves and accept any unique challenges. Creative problem-solving are Tatiana and Jody’s specialties and our support staff of Ranch Hands makes the Catalyst Ranch run like a well-oiled machine. Over the years Tatiana and Jody have orchestrated many of Catalyst Ranch’s own interactive and collaborative events that entertain clients, friends and fans.

Jody Devins

Director of Client
Services & Marketing

It’s an honor to be part of someone’s very special moment in their lives and over the years I have met some amazing people. As Director of Client Services, I get to help people make memories that will last a lifetime. What a treat to know that our space and my assistance could help make someone’s wedding, their graduation dinner, their anniversary party, their birthday bash, be their favorite celebration ever.  I enjoy being behind the scenes to know that the little moments are running smoothly so our clients can relax, focus on themselves and their guests and have fun. And I just might cry at every wedding ceremony.

High heels never stop me from jumping in and helping out when it’s necessary. On event day, you might see me up on a ladder hanging up signs, or on the loading dock guiding vendors. Anything to help our clients and partners execute the best event possible. Every year, Catalyst Ranch works with many NFP clients and their fundraisers. It’s a great feeling to know that we have helped raise much needed funds by providing guests with a stimulating environment and on-site support for a successful event.


The Ranch Hands are helpful, cheerful, energetic, creative problem solvers focused on making Catalyst Ranch a joyful place to be. The camaraderie and esprit de corps is readily apparent. They’re also interesting individuals with a breadth of diverse interests that cover just about every subject you could broach. And there is more than one impressive stage actor/singer lurking among them. Don’t be surprised when you experience a sense of déjà vu the next time you check out a local Chicago theatrical production.

Krissy Dabrowski

Special Events Manager

The Wonderful World of Special Events is indeed a fantastic department to be a part of!  Catalyst Ranch is already a magical and unique space, but once the space is transformed from a meeting to an event the charm and whimsy is abundant! Helping to create that aesthetic is truly rewarding. Many hands play a role in the culmination of all the events to ensure the client has more fun than humanly imaginable!

Throughout my years at the Ranch I have worn many hats, gained an intricate knowledge of the space and all the subtle nuances and touches that make it a special place.  It also means that I have a boatload of experience from assisting with a vast variety of events over the years and am eager to experience many more events in an effort to continue learning about different cultures, traditions, cuisine and personal style!


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